Moringa soap

The moringa tree Moringa oleifera is an amazing tree that grows very well in Africa. It is a fast-growing, hardy pioneer tree that grows well in degraded soil, and it is also a legume – meaning it fixes nitrogen into the soil from gas it captures in the air. This means it is a fertilizer tree and an excellent companion for other plants growing nearby,as they benefit from the nitrogen. 

Drumstick Tree

Food Forests, Food Plants - Perennial, Medicinal Plants, Seeds, Trees — by Isabell Shipard April 11, 2009

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Photo credit: Melanie Brown

Also known as Horseradish Tree, Marango Tree, Murunga, Kelor, Shobhanjan, Ben Tree and Moringa Tree. Moringa oleifera syn. M. pterygosperma F. Moringaceae


A handsome, multi-purpose, small legume tree, 3-8 metres tall, fast growing and drought hardy, with a shady, leaf canopy of very attractive tripinnate ferny foliage, making its presence appealing wherever it is planted. Small, waxy, creamy-white flowers, resembling